Can I apply for ETIAS via phone or email?

No. The ETIAS system is only online. It is designed this way to enhance security and speed up the application process by comparing each individual application against several databases, including INTERPOL and EURODAC.

How long does it take to process my application after submission?

As most applications are processed using database information that is automatically shifted through, most applications are processed within minutes of applying. However, is an application is flagged by the system, it may take longer to process. This is due to the application being manually checked.

How much is an ETIAS application?

An ETIAS application costs 7 euros. This is the price regardless of whether the application is a success or not. However, if the applicant is under 18, ETIAS is free.

Do EU citizens require ETIAS to visit other EU nations?

No. EU citizens will travel as normal within the EU. They will only require travel documentation such as a passport, unless stated otherwise. ETIAS is only required for the citizens certain non-EU countries.

How long is ETIAS valid for?

ETIAS visas can be valid for up to 3 years. This is calculated from the first date of arrival in Europe. Should the holders passport expire prior to the 3 year period, the passports expiry will be recognised as the visas expiry instead.

Can I use ETIAS to travel to European overseas territories? (such as French Guyana or Curacao)

No. ETIAS can only be used within the listed European countries themselves. Overseas territories are considered separate entities in this case. If you intend to visit an overseas territory, you should check you have the correct visa for your trip.