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Switzerland is a member of Schengen. However, it is not a member of the European Union. This means to enter the country, you must hold a valid Schengen visa. This also means you must tell the authorities when and where you are arriving. You will be allowed to stay in Switzerland and the Schengen zone up to 90 days. Upon the introduction of ETIAS, Switzerland will adopt the same rules as countries who are members of both the EU and Schengen zone. This will allow travellers a chance to apply using an ETIAS visa and travel freely within the Schengen zone.

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Why should I visit Switzerland

Switzerland is a diverse and picturesque country. Many people associate Switzerland with nature, mountains and lakes. However, they often do not imagine that cities are incorporated into such scenery. Zurich, Geneva, Luzern, Lugano and Bern are all built around large bodies of water that make the cities all the more endearing. In addition to the countries range of cities and languages, Switzerland is also home to smaller towns/villages such as Interlakken, which lays between two lakes. The town has ski lifts into the mountains for hiking and winter sports, as well as plenty of quirky restaurants and cafes. If you do decide to visit Switzerland for the mountains as many people do, there are options for all levels of mountaineers. Matterhorn, presents one of the most difficult and dangerous climbing challenges in the world, whilst Jungfraujoch offers a calmer way to get an astonishing view, via as train ride to an observation point.