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Will I need an ETIAS or a Schengen Visa?

Romania is part of the EU, but not the Schengen Zone. And although Romania aims to join the Schengen zone soon, it currently means entering Romania as a non-EU citizen will soon require an ETIAS visa. This will allow you to travel freely within Europe for up to 3 years, or until the your passport expires. However, you should check that you meet the requirements to apply for ETIAS prior to attempting an application.

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Why should I visit Romania

Romania is a country with a wide range of landscapes. From the Black Sea coastline, where you can soak up the summer sun, to the mountains, where you can experience history whilst hiking. History is a prominent theme throughout Romania. Cities like Bucharest and Sibiu are homes to great cathedrals, palaces and even city walls that are ideal for sightseeing. Bucharest is also home to the palace of the former Romanian prince, Vlad III, better known as Vlad the Impaler. Whilst Sibiu is within Transylvania itself, the area that is now famously known for vampires and folklore. Another city in Transylvania worth visiting is Brasov. Brasov is also filled with elegant architecture, but is also located nearby to Romania’s most famous castle, Bran. The castle is supposedly the home of Bram Stoker's Dracula, despite the fact that Prince Vlad III probably never attended the castle.