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Ireland is a rare case. It is part of the EU, but not the Schengen Zone. This means entering Ireland as a non-EU citizen will soon require an ETIAS visa. This will allow you to travel freely within Europe for up to 3 years, or until the your passport expires. However, you should check that you meet the requirements to apply for ETIAS prior to attempting an application.

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Why should I visit Ireland

From vast, steep cliffed coastlines, to the old town of Dublin, Ireland has plenty to absorb in terms of scenery. However, not all Irish attractions are designed for viewing. Tastes such as the world famous Stout Guinness, various Whiskey’s and the sweeter taste of Irish cream are all considered part of Irish culture. They can be best tasted at their own factories as part of tours. Outside drink and scenery, Ireland also has a lot of history to be admired. Celtic culture can be admired at various attractions across the country, whilst Dublin castle and similar attractions are also well worth a look.