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Will I need an ETIAS or a Schengen Visa?

Estonia is part of both the EU and Schengen Zone. This means that an ETIAS visa and a Schengen visa will both allow you access to Estonia. However, you should consider the rest of your journey or any likely future journeys when applying. A Schengen visa will only allow you to visit one country on your journey (Estonia). ETIAS will allow you to visit an unlimited amount of EU countries within a 3 year period. However, remember to check if you are eligible for both visas prior to starting an application.

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Why should I visit Estonia

If quiet beaches, or nature filled islands are your thing, Estonia may be the ideal place for you. Despite being on the Baltic coast, Estonia is warm enough in the summer time to enjoy sun. Whilst the weather is okay for sunbathing, Estonia is still not renowned for such a passtime, meaning the more remote beaches can be incredibly quiet. Outside nature, cities like Tallinn and Parnu offer culture and history. Tallinn is Estonia’s capital and hugs the coastline. The Tallinn old town is one of the the best maintained in the world and is home to a number of attractions, including various cathedrals, squares and even the oldest pharmacy in Europe.