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Will I need an ETIAS or a Schengen Visa?

The Czech Republic is part of both the EU and the Schengen Zone. This means that an ETIAS visa and a Schengen visa will both be sufficient for getting the holder into the country. However, you should consider the rest of your journey or any likely future journeys when applying. A Schengen visa will only allow you to visit one country on your journey (Czech Republic). ETIAS will allow you to visit an unlimited amount of EU countries within a 3 year period. However, remember to check if you are eligible for both visas prior to starting an application.

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Why should I visit Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a great place to go for a summer hike or for winter sports. However, the main reason people are drawn here is the capital city, Prague. Prague is a city that boasts incredible architecture from medieval times, with history in abundance. Each building in the city is unique and like its own piece of art. Yet, it is not the only interesting city break in the Czech Republic. Others such as Plzen (Pilsen) and Karlovy Vary have their own draws, such as Pilsener beer in Plzen.