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Croatia is one of the EU’s newest members, joining as late as 2013. This means, when ETIAS is introduced, you will need an ETIAS visa to enter the country if you are not from the EU. Croatia is not currently a member of the Schengen Zone, and although it does aim to join, a Schengen visa will currently not get you into Croatia. This means that currently, ETIAS would be the only method of visiting the nation. An ETIAS visa will also allow you to visit any other EU nation within the validity of the visa. The duration of this is usually 3 months but can be shorter if the holders passport expires prior to that. Before starting your application, you should ensure you are eligible to apply for an ETIAS visa and to visit Croatia.

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Why should I visit Croatia

There are many reasons to visit Croatia. This bustling Adriatic country is renowned for having some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, and for having well preserved old towns in cities like Dubrovnik. Other cities like Split, Zagreb and Zadar also boast incredible architecture and history to match the most esteemed destinations. What could be better than an evening on a sunny promenade amongst all the sights and sun?